Isle of Wight Hedgerow Group

The Annual IW Hedgelaying Competition

The 28th Annual IW Hedgelaying Competition

The 2022 competition is cancelled.

Saturday 25th February 2023 from 10am until 4pm

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The Isle of Wight Hedgerow Group exists to encourage the planting of new hedges and the good management of existing ones, and to promote the art of hedgelaying. The group organises the annual Isle of Wight Hedgelaying Competition and is made up of individuals and organisations on the Isle of Wight who are interested in hedgerows.

Hedgelaying is the traditional way of managing hedges throughout much of England and Wales. It creates a thick barrier from untidy, gappy and straggling hedges.  BillhooksStems are cut most of the way through so that they can be bent over without damaging them. This traditional country skill declined for much of the 20th century, and at one time looked as though it would die out. However a revival in the late 20th century came from an influx of amateur hedgelayers who now keep the craft alive as a hobby, as well as a small but growing number of professionals who find their services in demand when landowners realise the aesthetic and historic value of a real laid hedge.


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Landscape Therapy: All types of hedging plants sold and delivered Islandwide from our West Wight nursery. Advice on planting and maintaining hedges and woodland of all types.

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